May. 18th, 2015 03:10 pm
Name: Anri Yoshiwara

Kanji: 吉原 安里

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weight: 65 kg

Height: 181 cm

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Southern Troupe Leader

First Appearance:

Family: Shiro Yoshiwara (Blood-Brother)

Birthday: October 7

Zodiac: Libra

Voice Actor: Sakurai Takahiro (Drama CDs)

Favorite Foods: Stew with demi glace sauce, vegetable soup, gratin pie, plain or cheese omelet, madeleine, speculaas, milk tea, candies, kuzu sakura, cream caramel.

Disliked Food: Blue cheese, cakes with citrus fruit inside, natto.

Favorite Colors: Red, white, light peach, beige, dark brown, light green.

Likes: Being hugged, playing with girls, being played by men, partying, cooking, gathering cute cooking utensils, singing, playing shamisen, designing or sewing clothes, creating misceallaneous goods, inventing stuff.

Dislikes: Having his territory or room entered without permission.

Not Good At: Obeying rules.

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